Women's Issues

March 8, 2021

Students collectively gain an understanding of a new monument, the artwork, the artist’s intentions, and some of the history influencing the work. 

March 7, 2021

Looking for engaging activities on amazing women and their movements? Here’s our collection!  

October 25, 2020

Students discuss recent cases of forced sterilization, explore the history of this horrific practice, then do some research of their own.

January 22, 2017

Students hear and discuss excerpts from President Trump's inaugural speech, and discuss the Women's March on Washington and its sister marches across the world.  

July 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton stands on the brink of becoming the country's first female president. In the lesson, students learn about women who have run for president in the past and consider the significance of having a woman as president of the United States.  

March 12, 2015

Francis Perkins would not agree to become FDR's secretary of labor until he met nine bold demands.  

October 10, 2014

 In this lesson, posted in October 2012, students learn about Pakistan and about Malala's campaign for the education of girls, which made her the target of a Taliban assassination attempt in October 2012. The lesson has students read and discuss Malala's blog from her earlier days in Pakistan.    

March 12, 2014

Students learn about Women's History Month and International Women's Day, consider people who have had an impact on them and what makes a leader, and learn about some women who have made a difference in the world.

September 20, 2012

Students consider the debate over such issues as access to contraception, abortion, and equal pay in the 2012 presidential election and discuss their own perspectives on these issues.

June 16, 2011

One student reading considers opposing views on this question; a second examines the debate over how a U.S. withdrawal would affect women's rights in Afghanistan. Discussion questions follow.