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Self-care isn’t just an essential part of communal care, it is what makes community possible.
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Our Work

We partner with district leaders and school leaders to…

Build community

Build community in their schools and classrooms

Strengthen students’ social and emotional skills

Strengthen students’ social and emotional skills

Increase equity through restorative practices

Increase equity through courageous conversations on race

What does equitable public education look like? 

Watch our brand new video to learn about how we work to center equity, joy and justice every step of the way.

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Our Impact

Through programs including The 4Rs and Restore360, we help preK-12 educators bring transformative change to their schools and students' lives.
Hundreds of schools reached yearly
Since 1982, Morningside Center has helped tens of thousands of educators make their schools and classrooms more caring, collaborative, equitable and effective.
Scientific studies show strong results

Two major scientific studies found that our programs improve students’ social and emotional competency, their academic performance, and the classroom climate.

Suspensions decline dramatically
Schools implementing our restorative practices programs saw suspensions drop an average of 43%, while students’ social skills and engagement increased.

Our Services

Together with educators, we create joyful, productive, and equitable schools by weaving together three approaches:
Students doing a Heart Story activity

Young people and adults learn and practice skills to help them do well in school and in life.

Students doing a Heart Story activity
Students in a Building Belonging circle

Young people stay connected through processes that foster a caring and equitable school community.

Students in a Building Belonging circle
Racial Equality

School staff increase their cultural competency and ensure that school systems and structures elevate every child.

Racial Equality

I can't thank you enough for all the resources, support, and encouragement! This program is breathing new life and meaning into my teaching. It is bringing new conversations into our teaching lives and friendships. 

Y. Gray, Robert F. Wagner School, Manhattan

The impact of this work is apparent in our data, including our academic performance and surveys of teachers, students, and parents, which show how much trust there is between students and staff.  Suspensions are now a rarity in our school. We don’t need suspensions to sustain student engagement and respect.

Patrick Burns, Principal, MS 217, Queens

The circle helps me connect with the students and the school and the staff. My favorite moment is when everyone comes together, becomes a family…and just shares.

Fredy, 12th grade student, Green School, Brooklyn

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Fresh TeachableMoment lessons, readings & announcements
November 30, 2021
Students learn about the life and legacy of Toni Morrison and discuss how her 1987 book Beloved is both frequently taught and frequently subject to calls for censorship. 
November 29, 2021
Self-care isn’t just an essential part of communal care, it is what makes community possible.
November 15, 2021
I wish I could have told my teachers about the microaggressions I was experiencing, but children don’t have the words to talk about racism until they’re taught them.