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Staff Directory

Cassie Schwerner
Executive Director
212-870-3318 x32
Tala Manassah
Deputy Executive Director
212-870-3318 x35

Sara Carrero

212-870-3318 x71

Daniel Coles
Senior Program Manager
212-870-3318 x74
Sully Diaz
Senior Program Manager
212-870-3318 x33
Katrena Dennard
Director of Finance
212-870-3318 x70
Larry Garvin
Chief Financial Officer
212-870-3318 x34
Yaritza Hernandez
PAZ Program Manager
212-870-3318 x6
Jillian Luft
Curriculum Writer & Editor
Ann Mathews
Human Resources

212-870-3318 x30
Laura McClure
Director Fundraising/Comms
212-870-3318 x36
Cecilia Xu 
Finance Assistant
212-870-3318 x73
Joseph Yabyabin
Human Resources Assistant
212-870-3318 x71