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  • 4Rs student writing

    We shouldn’t underestimate children, because they are thinkers, and they can be problem-solvers. They learn from each other. They even teach us. So let them be thinkers. Give them that freedom.

    Leslie Ramos, Teacher, PS 24, Brooklyn
  • Principal Roberta Davenport at a 4Rs school with student

    "Morningside Center is a true partner in educating the whole child. As a principal, you have to find the right resources that match your own vision, your own expectations. The teachers like the curriculum, it is teacher friendly, it is clear, it is relevant, and it fills in those missing pieces for my teachers."

    Roberta Davenport, Principal
  • A center piece during a circle

    When kids have been doing circle all year, they feel part of a community, and they don’t want to disrespect that community by fighting. So our suspensions have gone down significantly. Our restorative circles have brought us closer to our students. And they’ve brought us together as adults. We became part of the circle.

    Caron Pinkus, Principal