Donald Trump

Students learn about and discuss what impeachment is, how it works, and the possibility of impeachment for President Donald Trump stemming from the ongoing Department of Justice investigation. 


Students learn about and discuss the alt-right, its relationship to the Trump administration, and online cultures of hate.   

Questions loom over whether President Donald Trump can avoid conflicts between his business interests and the interest of the people he represents. In two readings and discussion, students consider how past presidents have tried to prevent conflicts of interest, how Trump has addressed this concern...

Students hear and discuss excerpts from President Trump's inaugural speech, and discuss the Women's March on Washington and its sister marches across the world.  

Splits and controversies made for extra drama at this summer's Democratic and Republican national conventions. In this activity, students learn about and discuss what conventions are for and how they work, and what happened at the conventions this summer.   

Students learn about how much coverage the media are providing to different presidential candidates and discuss why coverage of the candidates varies so widely.  

Students discuss the definition of fascism and consider charges from the left and right that GOP candidate Donald Trump's stances are fascist.