Teachable Instant

This brief activity includes a quiz, reading and discussion about the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon by anti-government protesters.   

Students discuss the definition of fascism and consider charges from the left and right that GOP candidate Donald Trump's stances are fascist.   

In this brief Teachable Instant activity, students learn about how organizing by Black students and their allies at the University of Missouri led to the resignation of the university's president and helped spark a wave of organizing on campuses nationwide.   

The abrupt resignation of House Speaker John Boehner reflects deep divisions within the GOP. In this brief activity, students explore the roots of the GOP power struggle.   

In this brief lesson, students learn about and discuss the controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email system as U.S. Secretary of State.  

In this brief activity, students consider how the storm, and the rebuilding of New Orleans, affected people differently, depending on their income and race.   

Students learn some background about the surge of refugees pressing into Europe, view a 4-minute video about a group of refugees stranded in Hungary, consider how refugees may be feeling, and share their wishes for the refugees.  

In this brief activity, students take a quick quiz on voter access, then discuss the debate over this issue, including Hillary Clinton's recent proposal to make voter registration automatic.   

This short (15-minute) classroom activity uses a 2-minute video and discussion to explore the growing controversy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership 12-nation trade agreement.   

Students consider three numbers: the Obama administration's newly announced target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions; the target scientists advise; and the zero target called for by many conservatives.