Earth Day


Looking for ways to engage your high school or middle school students in environmental issues and the climate crisis? Here are our latest lessons and teaching ideas - good for Earth Day, Earth Week, or any week.

Earth Day 2022


Students explore the issue of creating safe city spaces for bicyclists and collaboratively problem-solve around this issue with respect to their own communities, or one with a similar climate change focus.

Students explore two  recently developed youth-centered environmental programs and teach each other about them by sharing their takeaways and personal connections.

The lesson supports students in discussing possible responses to the experience of feeling “sad, anxious, angry, powerless, helpless, or guilty” about the climate crisis. 

Young people sued the state of Montana seeking climate justice - and won! Students learn about the new ruling and what it means going forward.

When wildfires cause a smoky, scary day, this listening circle can provide comfort and support for both young people and adults. 

Educators often say that books can teach us so much. What lessons can young people learn from fiction about how to cope with climate change?  Here are seven lessons that can be adapted for different age groups, using quotes from climate fiction.

An expanded guide of fiction to engage your students in an imaginative exploration of the climate crisis (updated July 2023).

A listing of novels and movies for high school students and adults exploring dystopic futures and the social and practical effects of climate change.

A listing of novels that take a positive, visionary approach to the subject of climate change, focusing on fighting and adapting to climate change. Includes discussion questions. 

A listing of short stories on climate, with discussion questions to get your class reading, writing, and discussing climate fiction.