February 27, 2022

Students reflect on global headlines about the invasion and the response to it, then hear and discuss the voices of Ukrainians.

April 13, 2019

The Brexit controversy has roiled the U.K. for years. What is Brexit? And why has it torn British voters apart?

Students learn about and discuss the original Brexit vote, explore arguments for and against a second referendum, and examine why some people voted to back the “Remain” or “Leave”...

September 13, 2015

Students learn about the debate in Europe over how to handle the current influx of refugees, consider the difference between refugees and migrants, and reflect on a poem by one former refugee.  

September 7, 2015

Students learn some background about the surge of refugees pressing into Europe, view a 4-minute video about a group of refugees stranded in Hungary, consider how refugees may be feeling, and share their wishes for the refugees.  

September 19, 2013

In the wake of the much publicized birth of a new royal prince in Britain, this lesson explores the history of British monarchy and the debate about whether to end it.  

December 4, 2011

In this lesson about a complex issue, students read a description of the current crisis in the European Union and conflicting views about how to address it, including the debate over "austerity" vs. "stimulus." Then they participate in "fishbowl" discussion of the issue.