This activity uses a circle to help students process the many disasters that have struck people around the world in the summer and fall of 2017. It includes a more extended process about the post–Hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico.  

After an initial gathering, students read about and discuss the human and natural context for Harvey’s devastation. An extension activity has students research local climate change threats and consider how to address them.  

In this brief activity, students consider how the storm, and the rebuilding of New Orleans, affected people differently, depending on their income and race.   

After Hurricane Katrina, President Bush spoke of America's "duty to confront this poverty with bold action." A student reading offers a report card on this effort and suggests student responses.

Grassroots organizations of Katrina survivors want a voice in deciding the future of the Gulf Coast after the hurricane. Here, a reading on the rebuilding debate followed by suggestions for continuing inquiry and discussion.

Two student readings offer an overview of the problems and what is being done about them. Included are suggestions for independent and small-group inquiry projects and information about opportunities for volunteer work.