Students explore terminology around power in light of Tyre Nichols' life and death, and then reimagine power through a positive lens.

Students learn about and reflect on the life and values of the activist and thinker Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who died on December 26, 2021. 

Students learn about the life and legacy of Toni Morrison and discuss how her 1987 book Beloved is both frequently taught and frequently subject to calls for censorship. 

I wish I could have told my teachers about the microaggressions I was experiencing, but children don’t have the words to talk about racism until they’re taught them. 

The manufactured controversy over the supposed teaching of critical race theory in K-12 schools is being used to outlaw and suppress discussions of race, racism, and a fact-based teaching of history.

Congress has passed and President Biden has signed a new law making Juneteenth a federal holiday. Students learn about and discuss Juneteenth.

Amid a controversy over a plan to provide debt relief to Black farmers, students dig deeply into history to grapple with the question, “Do all farmers matter?”

Students learn about efforts by European nations to ban Muslim face coverings, discuss the impact of these laws, then reflect on the voices of Muslim women on this issue.

Students hear the story of one Asian American family, consider some key dates in the history of racism against Asian Americans, and learn about and discuss their own family history.

Our long-time colleague Liz Young shares stories about her own experience as an Asian-American woman in this 10-minute video.