Lesson Collections

Looking for ways to engage your students in environmental issues and the climate crisis? Here are some of our latest lessons. 

Looking for engaging activities on amazing women and their movements? Here’s our collection!  

Lessons to explore gratitude and American history surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.  

If you're looking to honor Labor Day and working people in your classroom, consider these lessons from our collection. 

We offer guidelines and activities for discussing upsetting events and for supporting students in their aftermath. 


A selection of activities, in honor of Respect for All Week, to help you and your class appreciate each other, promote respect, and stop oppressive behavior.

A collection of classroom activities to explore the life, ideas, and strategies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A collection of community building activities, SEL Tips, games, and lessons on self-care to get your year off to a good start.  

Nineteen classroom activities and guidelines to help you and your students get your virtual school year off to a good start.

The holiday invites exploration of everything from American history to gratitude.