Lessons for Labor Day

If you're looking to honor Labor Day and working people in your classroom, consider these lessons from our collection. 

What Do Union Wins at Starbucks & Amazon Mean for Young People?
Young people led the way in historic union victories at Amazon and Starbucks. Is labor making a comeback? 


Gratitude and the Global Supply Chain
Students learn about the science of gratitude - and one person's effort to express gratitude to every person along the supply chain who made their morning cup of coffee possible.


Why Are Unions Popular with Young People?
Students discuss the historical role of unions in the U.S. - and how a younger generation of workers is seeking to build unions that address their needs.


Great Resignation: Why Are So Many Workers Quitting or Striking?
U.S. workers are rethinking their relationship to work in the Covid era. Students explore why many Americans are quitting their jobs, or striking for better pay and more respect.


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