SEL and RP

Classroom activities that encourage students' social and emotional learning and promote restorative practices

One of the most powerful ways to connect to others’ lived experiences is through music.  In this lesson for grades 7-12, students will listen and respond to the songs of three musical artists that identify as AAPI

Students share stories of the women “architects” in their lives (or in the world) who have most shaped their worldview or their values.

Students reflect on their feelings about winter, including its challenges, and share their coping strategies through a poem, a circle, and exploration of the "wheel of holistic health."

In this small-group activity, middle school students learn more about how we are interconnected and explore ways to practice community care in their school communities and beyond.

A collection of self-care and community care lessons and guidelines for adults and children.

Students engage family members in sharing stories of their history, dreams, or struggles - and share these stories with their peers. 

This start-of-the-school year reflection invites students to connect to their natural surroundings. With a focus on gratitude, students explore how nature positively impacts them.

When wildfires cause a smoky, scary day, this listening circle can provide comfort and support for both young people and adults. 

Students explore the value of humor, how sometimes "jokes" become hurtful, and what we can do when that happens.

This second-grade teacher found a way to bring comfort and promote learning in stressful times.