Self-Care Resources

It takes time and patience and attention. It takes a coalition of the willing, purveyors of hope, and believers.

11 tips to help you take care of yourself. 

Mindfulness practices can help both students and adults stay grounded and connected. This guided visualization activity is one way to bring the benefits of mindfulness to your students. 

A collection of TeachableMoment activities for exploring holiday feelings, finding joy, and more.

This lesson for middle and high school students is intended to offer joy and inspiration, and the opportunity to be in community with peers. 

This activity gives young people or adults an opportunity to share deeply about what they are grieving, how they are healing, and what support they need. 

Making time for students to do a bit of crafting can provide joy and comfort - and brighten up your classroom.

Self-care isn’t just an essential part of communal care, it is what makes community possible.

"My self-care makes me possible because it sustains the source of my humanity," writes trainer Dionne Grayman.

Self-care is about more than candles and Epsom salt baths and exercise and sleep and saying no, says Morningside trainer Dionne Grayman.