Self & Community Care Bundle

A collection of self-care and community care lessons and guidelines for adults and children.

Self-care isn’t a selfish act – it’s an integral part of building a community.  We can’t be available for others, or begin to address the challenges we face, if we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or freaked out ourselves.self & community care bundle cover

We have collected here a range of approaches and activities that will support you and your students (or children) in practicing self-care and community care. 

The guidelines and lessons in this bundle are not intended to be a cure for burnout, but they may help you develop a sustainable self-care practice that works for you – and help your students find their own best strategies. Teaching self-care to students is a natural (and helpful) offshoot of teaching social and emotional skills and competencies in the classroom.   View PDF. 

The lessons include:


  • Self-Care for Educators & Caregivers
  • C is for Communal Care
  • A Little Teapot
  • About Self-care with Students


  • Teaching Self-Care for Grades K-2: Music
  • Teaching Self-Care for Grades 3-5: Music
  • Teaching Self-Care for Pre-K-5: Breathing
  • Self-Care: Self-Talk for Elementary School


  • Teaching Self-Care for Middle & High School: Music
  • Teaching Self-Care for Middle & High School: Breathing
  • Self-Care: Self-Talk for Secondary School
  • Two Quick Techniques for Calming Down
  • Fostering Joy & Building Strength in Today’s Moments
  • Music as Fuel for the Struggle