As a new school year begins, Paloma, a fifth-grade star goalie, is feeling sad and anxious. She tries ignoring her feelings, but as they start to show at school, her classmates single her out.  Will Paloma find the strength to share her secret? This video read-aloud of the book Paloma's Secret can...

Use this chart and process to check in with students on how they're feeling and what they need throughout the school day.  

Here are some online games that can help you and your students get to know each other better, cooperate, and build empathy and connection. 


How can we foster a classroom climate where every student feels supported - and where we can talk about the issues that are upsetting us? Here are some ideas.

Eight tips on what to do when students make hurtful remarks.

This classroom activity helps build community in your classroom at the start of the school year, and encourages students to reflect on some of the big issues in the news over the summer. It can be a stand-alone circle, or it can be used to jumpstart a longer term project in advisory, social studies...

These guidelines provide helpful suggestions for discussing upsetting issues in the news.

Eleven suggestions to help adults address oppressive behavior by students.

The holidays are not always a joyful occasion, especially for those facing hardship or stress. In this activity, students share their feelings about the upcoming holidays and consider how they might provide some encouragement for those who are struggling.       

Talking with children about current events can be rough terrain but it's important because it provides a way to build compassion and critical thinking and, at the same time, address their most important questions.