The year is coming to a close! Here are some activities & tips to consider for the final weeks of school.

This is a series of video mini lessons that focus on building, developing and nourishing our communities. Each lesson starts with a game and then proceeds to a step-by-step process for listening to one another.

Using games regularly and giving students a chance to laugh together and play is a way to build trust, confidence, and community. Here are some games you can try in your classroom - in person or virtually!

Here are some online games that can help you and your students get to know each other better, cooperate, and build empathy and connection. 


Laurine is a gifted actor, activist, and educator.

"Finding ways to build trust and connection in the online space feels urgent," says actor, writer, director and Morningside staff developer Jason Jacobs.

Get students moving and and enjoying each other with one of these fun activities. 

This collection of light, fun activities invite you and your students to come together and enjoy each other’s company during these stressful times, and take a break from more serious classwork.

Students learn about the history and importance of play, and consider games, good and bad.

This fun activity is a good one to use at the beginning of a course. It's a quick way for students to connect with one another and overcome shyness.