Activities to End the Year

The year is coming to a close! Here are some activities & tips to consider for the final weeks of school.

Looking for ways to help students reflect on the past year?  Ways to deal with spring fever?  Activities and games to celebrate the community you've built over the past months?  Here are some activities you might consider to close out the school year and prepare students to transition into the summer and the year to come. 


  • SEL Tip: Working with Students’ Excess Energy (Spring Fever) 
    During the last few weeks of school, we and our students often struggle to stay focused. And yet there is still work to be done. Try these steps to keep students engaged (and yourself sane) as summer approaches.
  • SEL Tip:  Managing Worries about Transition
    For many students, the close of the school year comes with anxiety about the transitions ahead. Try these strategies to help you and your students address those anxieties in a positive way.   
  • A Circle to End the Year
    Students reflect on the school year through a guided visualization, Circle, and community-building activity. 
  • Activities to Close the School Year
    Five activities use different methodologies to help you and your students reflect on the year and look ahead to next year.