Feelings & Needs Share Out Tool

Use this chart and process to check in with students on how they're feeling and what they need throughout the school day.  

Here's a process and a tool you can use on a regular basis to check in with your students to see how they are doing and what supports they might need. Do your check-in every morning, or or even at various times throughout the day.

  1. Introduce students to the "feelings and needs" chart below. (Or, see this larger version of the chart. For a printable black and white version of the chart, download this PDF.)  Either give students time to read the chart on their own, together as a group, or read it to them. For younger students, use the illustrated version of the feelings chart below. 
  2. Explain to students that each person will get a chance to share what they're feeling that day, or in that moment. If possible, have students sit in a circle they can go around - or, if you are in a virtual setting, post a list of participants so they know when it is their turn.  
  3. Remind students that when someone is speaking, everyone else should pay attention and not comment. Also remind them that it is okay if they want to pass.
  4. Give each student a minute (it may take less) to share. It can be as simple as each student stating:  Today I feel __________________.

As students get used to the routine of sharing how they're feeling, you might expand the practice: Students might say more about what they're feeling and explain why. Or they might let their classmates know what kind of support they may need. Alternatively, you might ask students to pair up and share with one another rather than the whole group. 


feelings & needs chart

illustrated feelings chart