Crisis Support Bundle

We offer guidelines and activities for discussing upsetting events and for supporting students in their aftermath. 



crisis support bundle cover

Many educators struggle to find ways to talk with young people about upsetting events that happen in the news. 

The recent mass shootings have shaken us at a time when we were already grappling with a continuing pandemic and increased violence both here and abroad. 

It may be tempting to avoid bringing up upsetting news with your students. But if it’s on their minds, giving students a chance to share their thoughts and feelings can provide comfort in the moment, let students know they are not alone, and help build a supportive community in the long term. Self-care and community care are also a priority after upsetting events.

In this PDF, we offer a collection of activities and guidelines to help you discuss what is happening and provide individual and collective support for students and adults in the wake of tragic events. 

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