Ideas for Teaching Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Collected lessons and resources for increasing knowledge and awareness during AAPI month - or any time. 

Resources on TeachableMoment

What Does Asian American Pacific Islander Really Mean?
These maps, definitions, and links to additional resources provide an introduction to the AAPI community and AAPI issues. 

Anti-Asian Racism in History & in Our Lives
Students hear the story of one Asian American family, consider some key dates in the history of racism against Asian Americans, and learn about and discuss their own family history.

Practicing Skills to Avoid Hurtful Assumptions
Students consider how the assumptions that we make about other people can be hurtful, and practice curiosity to help them understand another person’s experience.

My Teachers Needed Tools to Address the Racism I Faced
I wish I could have told my teachers about the microaggressions I was experiencing, but children don’t have the words to talk about racism until they’re taught them. 

Liz's Story: A Colleague on her Experiences as an Asian Woman
Our long-time colleague Liz Young shares stories about her own experience as an Asian-American woman in this 10-minute video.

Other Resources

The story behind Asian Pacific American Heritage, and why it's celebrated in May

One Year After Atlanta Shootings, Why We’re Still Struggling With Anti-AAPI Hate

12 Middle Grade Asian Historical Fiction Books by Authors of Color

George Takei and Pat Morita’s Harrowing Childhood Experiences in Japanese American Internment Camps
"Despite being born in the United States, the 'Star Trek' star and the ‘Karate Kid’ actor both had traumatic childhoods and were imprisoned for the color of their skin." By Rachel Chang at