Affirmation Interview

Students interview and learn about one another.


Discuss the word "interviews":

  • What does it mean?
  • Have the students seen interviews on TV or in person?
  • Who does interviews?
  • Who tends to be interviewed?
  • What jobs or professions involve the art of interviewing?

Explain that today we're going to do interviews of each other. We'll use the same skills and go through the same process as professional interviewers.

Generating Questions

1. Have the class brainstorm a list of some of the questions they would like to ask each other.

3. Decide as a group on five to ten questions. You may want to add a question or two of your own depending on what the group comes up with.

Interviews in Front of the Class

(10 minutes)

1. Explain to the class that you will be the host of a Talk Show and interview several students one at a time using some of the questions the group suggested.

2. Explain that the rest of the class will need to listen actively. You will call on people after each interview to say what they learned about the person.

3. Choose 2-4 volunteers and interview them in front of the class.

4. After each interview, call on one or more students to say what they remember from the interview.

Three-Way Interviews

(10 minutes)

1. Divide the class into groups of three.

2. Time it so that each person gets a chance to be guest, host and observer. Allow three minutes per person.

3. After each person is finished, have the other two share what they remember.


(5 minutes)

  • How was this activity for you?
  • What skills are needed to be a good interviewer?
  • Do you think you'd like ajob that would require to do lots of interviewing? Why or why not?

Follow-up Suggestions

  • Interview a few people at a time throughout the year so that every student gets a chance to be interviewed in front of the class.
  • Have students interview each other in front of the group.