TeachableMoment's Iraq War lessons

IRAQ WAR 9th anniversary See our index of the many lessons TeachableMoment has offered on the war since 2003.

The Iraq War has been the focus of many TeachableMoment lessons over the past nine years. Below is an alphabetical list of lessons we've offered since the war began in 2003.

2006 ELECTION ISSUE: IRAQ: Student readings provide an overview of the Iraq situation from multiple perspectives, reports of public opinion polls about the war, and political arguments on what the U.S. should do. Discussion questions and classroom activities follow. ABRIDGED & EASIER READING VERSION

A Democratic Iraq: 3 Lessons for High School Students
A look at the basic elements of democracy and freedom and how they have developedóand at the effort to introduce democracy and freedom in Iraq.

American Misconceptions about the War on Iraq
Most Americans have major misconceptions about the war. A questionnaire, readings & activities help students explore the facts.

American Treatment of Iraqi & Afghan Prisoners: An Introduction 
The international scandal has raised profound questions for the citizens of our country. Our introductory lesson on the prisoner torture issue includes a student reading and opening and concluding exercises.

American Treatment of Iraqi & Afghan Prisoners: Who is to Blame? Two readings and accompanying activities explore whether the torture of prisoners is the result of a few individuals acting alone or of broader government decisions.

This two-part lesson, with readings and, in Part II, suggested classroom activities, is aimed at helping students consider and develop opinions on the war in Iraq.
Part I: What Is Going Right and What Is Going Wrong?
Part II: How to Get Out?

BRINGING THE IRAQ WAR TO A 'RESPONSIBLE END' Three student readings and discussion questions probe current conditions in Iraq and the U.S.'s moral responsibilities there.

Election 2008: THE FIRST DEBATE -- IRAN, IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN In their first debate, Senators McCain and Obama discussed their views on policy toward Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Three student readings offer excerpts from the candidates and commentary on them. Discussion questions follow.

Five Presidents' Calls for War
Why do presidents go to war? Students read about how five U.S. presidents justified wars with Mexico, Spain, Vietnam, Grenada and Iraq, then consider the merits of their arguments.

FROM BAGHDAD TO TUCSON, WITH LOVE: The Story of a Young Iraqi Refugee.(11/18/09) Students consider their views about Iraq and reflect on one young Iraqi refugee's view of the U.S.

Inaccurate Intelligence, Critical Thinking, the Bush Administration & Iraq
Excerpts from the Senate Intelligence Committee report on faulty intelligence on Iraq begin this set of readings and assignments. Help your high school students hone their own critical thinking skills as they explore what went wrong in the lead-up to the Iraq War.

IRAQ & THE U.S.: Autumn 2007 Students consider official testimony and reports measuring the progress--or lack of it--in Iraq.

Iraq & the U.S.: The Road to War
Readings and activities explore diverse points of view.

Iraq & the U.S.: The Road to War (for easier reading)
Readings and activities explore diverse points of view.

IRAQ: A CONSTITUTION & EVERYDAY LIFE (WITH A DBQ) One student reading explores the new document, which Iraqis will vote up or down on October 15; another presents information on everyday life in Iraq. A Document-Based Question (DBQ) has students consider different perspectives on the state of Iraq today.

Iraq: A Postwar Student Survey
Questions and information to help students consider the conflict.

IRAQ: 'A Grave & Deteriorating Situation' What should the U.S. do in Iraq? A student reading offers an overview of the five most discussed strategies, issues associated with each, and suggestions for class activities and student inquiry.

IRAQI CIVILIAN DEATHS: A Statistical & Political Controversy A reading followed by an inquiry exercise invites student scrutiny of four different estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths.

IRAQ: SHIITES, SUNNIS, KURDS, AMERICANS & PROBLEMS Iraq, with its newly elected government, faces new opportunities and problems. We provide two readings for high school students. The first provides a capsule overview of Iraq; the second summarizes major problems that face the country now. Discussion questions and suggestions for student activities follow.

IRAQ: The Surge & Power Struggles (3/12/08) Four student readings and an introductory questionnaire expore the effects of the surge and the state of Iraq today. Student activities follow.

Language and the Iraq War
Readings (including an abridged dictionary of the war) and activities to encourage critical thinking.

Rebuilding Iraq: Problems and Questions
An overview that gives special attention to Iraq's oil industry, and suggestions for discussion and study of Iraq's future and the US's leadership and credibility.

SHOULD THE U.S. OCCUPATION OF IRAQ CONTINUE? A document-based lesson by educator Alan Singer asks students to consider Bush's arguments and opposing views.

Study Guides: THE LIBRARIAN OF BASRA and ALIA'S MISSION: SAVING THE BOOKS OF IRAQ These two recent children's books (grades K-12) present a positive opportunity to open up discussions of the Iraq war with students. Both tell the story of Alia Muhammed Baker, the chief librarian of Basra, Iraq, who saved 30,000 books from Basra's library before it burned during the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

The Postwar Iraq Debate: Readings & Activities for HS Students 
Two readings on recent developments in Iraq,esti Bush administration policies, and domestic and international reactions to themóplus suggons for classroom activities.

TRUTH & THE IRAQ WAR IN DOCUMENTS A leaked report from a British cabinet meeting raises grave questions about how and why the Iraq War was launched. A student reading includes quotes from the leaked document, from the Bush administration, and from Congress.

WAS THE U.S. MISLED INTO THE WAR ON IRAQ? A Resource & Study Guide for HS & College A student reading includes statements from President Bush addressing this question, followed by original documents that support or contradict his claims.

WEB RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS ABOUT THE IRAQ WAR A brief compilation of websites offering opinion, analysis, news and other material helpful in promoting inquiry in your classroom.

VIETNAM, IRAQ & 'A CITY UPON A HILL Two student readings examine, compare, and provide commentary on the U.S. wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Suggested discussion questions, writing assignments, and subjects for inquiry encourage students to explore opposing viewpoints. 


Correspondents as Targets: DBQ This document-based question exercise uses quotes from journalists about the challenges of reporting from Iraq as the basis for a student essay and discussion.
Reporting Civilian Deaths: DBQ & Reading A document-based question exercise and reading on the difficulty of assessing Iraqi civilian casualties.
Background Reading Readings and discussion questions explore such topics as what it means to be "embedded" and how the media covered the pulling down of Saddam Hussein's statue and the attack on Fallujah.