Supreme Court

Students examine the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on whether to keep Donald Trump on the presidential ballot.

Students listen to and reflect on a range of voices about the leaked Supreme Court draft ruling that would reverse Roe v. Wade. 

Judge Jackson may become the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Students explore the confirmation process, Jackson's background, and diversity on the court.

Students read one high school senior’s perspective on what teenagers are learning from the Kavanaugh hearings, and share their own perspectives.

Young people are listening to the controversy over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and they are talking about it. How can educators safely and productively bring these conversations into their school and classrooms? 

Is labor on the ropes? In this lesson students learn about and discuss how unions reduce inequality, labor’s losses in recent decades, and the current signs of a resurgence. 

This lesson introduces students to the controversy over Justice Kennedy’s retirement and Trump’s role in reshaping the Supreme Court. The first reading reviews Kennedy’s career and highlights the significance of his role as a swing vote on the court. The second reading examines possible consequences...

In this brief Teachable Instant lesson, students learn about and discuss Justice Scalia's stances and the controversy over replacing him on the high court.  

Now is a teachable moment for study and discussion of the First Amendment and the religiously tinged politics of our time. Here, a quiz, a short history of the First Amendment, four case studies and suggested classroom activities.

A student quiz, reading and discussion explore the court's role in interpreting the Constitution and its recent decision to lift limits on corporate & union election ad spending.