See and Be Seen

Dionne Grayman, Morningside's Director of Strategic Partnerships, brings restorative practices and racial equity to NYC public schools - and writes about it on her blog, See and Be Seen

Young people and adults are coming to school carrying heavy burdens. One Harlem school showed how generosity can lighten the load. 

Dionne Grayman, a retired football mom, reflects on Damar Hamlin, why our society has grown so desensitized to the breaking of Black boy bodies and spirits, and why we need a pause.

Some adults seem unable to grasp that young people are scared. Terrified. And angry. They feel abandoned. We can do better by our kids. 

"Because love is in the details, we can operationalize it to rebuild schools into centers of joy, creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and cultivation of the unlimited potential of young people." 

Self-care isn’t just an essential part of communal care, it is what makes community possible.

"My self-care makes me possible because it sustains the source of my humanity," writes trainer Dionne Grayman.

Self-care is about more than candles and Epsom salt baths and exercise and sleep and saying no, says Morningside trainer Dionne Grayman. 

Educators must not be complicit and co-conspirators in the act of not allowing Black students to just BE their wonderfully made selves.

Sometimes educators have to make hard decisions that put the needs of the many over the needs of one. Morningside Center staff developer and blogger Dionne Grayman tells about a wrenching choice she had to make.

Morningside Center staff developer and blogger Dionne Grayman reflects on the experience of being "invisibilized" as a student - or adult - of color.