December 3, 2016

What are sanctuary cities, and why are they girding for conflict in the wake of Trump’s election? Students explore the concept of "sanctuary" and learn about efforts by advocates to defend undocumented immigrants.   

November 27, 2016

Students learn about opposition to past waves of U.S. immigrants and consider Donald Trump's immigration stance in light of that history.  

May 22, 2016

A student at Dartmouth College touched off a successful national campaign to get the Library of Congress to stop using the term "illegal aliens" to refer to undocumented immigrants. Now a Congressional committee is challenging the move.   

June 12, 2013

Students explore how the growing power of Latino voters improves chances for comprehensive immigration reform and consider some of the economic benefits of immigration.

September 7, 2012

President Obama's recent decision to stop deporting some young undocumented immigrants came in the context of a powerful movement by young people to enact the immigration reform proposal known as the DREAM Act.  Student readings examine the new Obama policy and the tireless efforts of young...