Students learn about and discuss the remarkable success of an organization of farmworkers that is fighting abuse and demanding dignity on the job. The activity includes two short videos, discussion, and a reading.

Students explore the goals of the growing Free Trade movement and consider some criticisms of it.  

Is organic food healthier than non-organic food? Who grows organic food - and how? Students explore these questions in two readings, with discussions questions and a research assignment. 

Benefits have just been cut for the one in seven Americans who receive food stamps, and more cuts may be on the way. In two readings, students learn about the debate over food stamps and the effect of cuts, and compare the US approach to hunger to that of other countries. 

What is organic food exactly? Student activities include two readings, a quiz, a writing assignment and suggestions for further inquiry.

As millions of people lose their jobs, food banks are scrambling to meet the need. A student reading is followed by some suggestions for how students might help.

Student readings about critical problems at the Federal Election Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency are followed by discussion questions, suggestions for further inquiry, writing assignments & citizenship activities.