Human Rights

Benefits have just been cut for the one in seven Americans who receive food stamps, and more cuts may be on the way. In two readings, students learn about the debate over food stamps and the effect of cuts, and compare the US approach to hunger to that of other countries. 

Has the Bush administration flouted the rule of law through such actions as torture and unlawful detention of suspects? If so, what will the new president and Congress do about it? Three student readings and activities explore the issue.

Castro's resignation has provoked new consideration of the Cuba-U.S. relationship. Two student readings examine the history, the role of Cuban-Americans, the human rights issue, and the stands of the 2008 presidential candidates.

Three student readings explore background on Guantanamo, the use of presidential power, the legal and physical treatment of detainees, and the facility's future. Discussion questions and other suggested activities follow.

Two student readings examine the "signing statements" Bush has attached to various pieces of legislation, including the the Detainee Treatment Act. Are they constitutional?