Student readings explore the morality and legality of President Obama's controversial "kill list" and consider arguments for and against drone warfare. Questions for student discussion follow each reading.

Two student readings provide a brief history of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, explore arguments for and against the facility, and examine the evolving debate about it during the Obama administration. Discussion questions follow

Have U.S. forces violated international law in their treatment of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Guantanamo? Has that treatment amounted to torture or war crimes? If so, who should be held responsible? Here, we assemble a wide collection of excerpts from original materials to use as a basis for...

Most Americans have major misconceptions about the war. A questionnaire, readings & activities help students explore the facts.

Students develop skills and understandings to make them more critical readers, listeners and viewers.

What should the U.S. do in Iraq? A student reading offers an overview of the five most discussed strategies, issues associated with each, and suggestions for class activities and student inquiry.

A student reading discusses the dangers faced by organizations providing humanitarian aid in Lebanon, Congo, Darfur, Sri Lanka, and Gaza. Discussion questions, suggestions for further inquiry and citizenship activities follow.


The Torture Issue (with a DBQ) A student reading includes examples of U.S. treatment of prisoners as revealed in investigations and excerpts from the Geneva Convention and UN Convention Against Torture. A DBQ (document-based question) includes diverse points of view on the efficacy and morality of...

A brief compilation of websites offering opinion, analysis, news and other material helpful in promoting inquiry in your classroom.

This document-based question exercise uses quotes from journalists about the challenges of reporting from Iraq as the basis for a student essay and discussion.