Students consider what it means to be an ally and to stand up for justice by examining a famous photo of a protest  at the 1968 Olympics and then learning about and discussing the story behind the photo.  

Students choose one of nine past Olympics controversies to research in small groups and share what they've learned with the class.

In this critical thinking activity, students research how different constituencies (such as U.S. athletes or corporate sponsors) have responded to the controversy over Russia's anti-gay laws, evaluate those responses, and propose how they would respond if they were in that role. 

In three readings, students learn about protests surrounding upcoming World Cup and Olympic events; consider whether such events benefit the people of host countries; and learn about Russia's recent anti-gay legislation and the debate surrounding a possible boycott of the 2014 Winter Games.  

The summer Olympics provide an opening for exploring China's rapid expansion and its implications for Americans. Discussion questions follow four student readings.