Fostering SEL and Self-Care for our Students in the Coronavirus Era

Watch our webinar with AFT/Share My Lesson for a session on social emotional learning and student self-care (free & available on demand).

In this webinar, staff developer Victoria Cheng-Gorini will share strategies for encouraging social and emotional learning and self-care in our students through remote learning platforms. Victoria will:

  • Provide guidelines for opening up dialogue around difficult feelings and ideas that are coming up for students during these hard times.
  • Suggest ways that students can express those feelings and ideas through music, art, physical activities, written prose and more.
  • Provide guidance on how we and our students can step away from it all and get through this challenging period using self-talk and breathing exercises.
  • Look into self-care routines for educators as we move into a new uncharted school year.  

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