Featured on Edutopia: Student Well-Being in Challenging Times

"Care and healing must be a central focus as we welcome students back to class this month," writes Morningside trainer Marieke van Woerkom in a new article on Edutopia

School this year won't be business as usual. And it shouldn’t be, writes Morningside Center senior trainer Marieke van Woerkom in her current article for Edutopia.

Amid the collective trauma of Covid-19, with its disproportionate impact on communities of color, it's more important than ever that educators put a priority on creating connection and providing care and healing for our students. There are many strategies we can use for doing this - and students themselves can show the way, writes Marieke: 

Place students at the center of mindfulness and social and emotional learning. Rather than telling students what to do and how to do it, we should support them in cultivating the ideas, skills, and practices they find useful. That way, they learn to make their own choices about how to be their best selves.

See the article for more, including guidance on incorporating practices like mindful breathing, music, self-talk - and encouraging student voice on what is happening in the world.


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