Resources for the end of the year and a bit of appreciation for all the work that teachers do!

Join our AFT/Share My Lesson webinar to explore ideas and concrete strategies for creating a more equitable and engaging classroom environment (free and available on demand).

Watch our webinar with AFT/Share My Lesson for a session on social emotional learning and student self-care (free & available on demand).

Morningside Center invites you to join us for a webinar on August 4th to lean into your discomfort as we collectively work toward the antiracist future of education.

Join our AFT/Share My Lesson webinar (free and available on demand) to explore research-based, culturally responsive strategies and tools to further promote equity in the classroom.

Our interactive AFT/Share My Lesson webinar, available on demand! We'll share practical ideas and tips for using circles to build your students' SEL skills, create a more caring classroom community, and bolster restorative practices.

Register for our webinar to learn the basics of conflict resolution from a social and emotional learning standpoint (free & available on demand).

Register for this webinar to learn concrete SEL strategies to improve classroom climate (available for free and on demand)!  Included in AFT & Share my Lesson's Top Resources of 2017.