Students read and reflect on a poem and on their experiences over the past year, and consider things they've learned or goals they want to set for the coming year.   

This lesson uses Hispanic Heritage Month as a jumping off point for discussing how "history" is shaped and what we can do together to include a larger variety of voices and narratives in our study of history.

The remarkable poet and writer Maya Angelou died on May 28, 2014.  This activity, structured as a circle, invites students to consider Angelou’s poem Still I Rise.  It can be adapted to use in a non-circle format as well. 

Our ever-inquiring curriculum writer Alan Shapiro suggests books, articles, and a blog that are sure to sharpen your thinking.

Readings (including an abridged dictionary of the war) and activities to encourage critical thinking.

Students examine how feelings are expressed in a poem, and then use metaphor to write about their own feelings.

An inquiry approach to reading a poem focuses not on text questions but on student questions.