Whole School Restorative Practices 

This video shows the power of restorative circles to build community and address harm. Circles are discussed and implemented with fidelity, according to the key restorative circle components found at our Introduction to Circles.  


Focus: Community, Shared leadership and Restorative Practices, including Circles, at Different Levels 
Time: 25:21 min
Who & Where: The Alliance School, Milwaukee 
Grade Level: High School


In this video we follow a group of students as they discuss their assumptions about Circles and Restorative Practices before going on a restorative journey together—a journey that allows them to become more introspective, connect with their peers in deep and meaningful ways, and become leaders in their school to build and restore community.  

Adults in the video talk about the shared leadership needed for Restorative Practices (known as Restorative Justice at the Alliance School) to take root and the importance of community buy in.