Talking It Out: A Restorative Conversation

This video shows a restorative conversation between a student and her ELA teacher to address an incident a few weeks earlier that escalated to the point of the student leaving the classroom. 


Focus: Restorative Conversation between a student and her teacher
Time: 10:04 min
Who & Where: Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, Brooklyn, NY 
Grade Level: Middle School


In this Restorative Conversation, a student reflects on an incident in class a few weeks earlier with help from her teacher.  We find out the student walked out of class in frustration, cussing out her teacher, after having been told to put away her phone repeatedly.  

In the video, the teacher asks the student to reflect on what happened, how her behavior impacted the people involved and what could be done going forward to prevent such things from happening again.  Throughout the conversation the teacher has a calm, patient demeanor.  

She asks the student to reflect on what happened and come up with her own solutions as to what might be done differently going forward.  The teacher paraphrases what she hears to make sure she understands what the student is saying and to let the student know she is listening.  Ultimately the student comes up with her own ways of addressing the situation going forward.


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