Student Facilitated Restorative Community Building Circle

RP Video Library:  This video shows the power of an effectively student facilitated restorative circle to build community through storytelling.  The circle is implemented with fidelity, according to the key restorative circle components found at our introduction to circles.


  • Focus: A Restorative Circle on Gratitude
  • Time: 8:18 min
  • Who & Where: Crawford High School, San Diego, CA
  • Grade level: High School



A student circle keeper talks the viewer through the restorative circle process—from introducing the purpose of the circle and the opening ceremony, to the circle guidelines, introducing a meaningful talking piece, a check in, story telling go rounds, and a closing ceremony. 

The video shows students and teachers sitting in a circle, sharing of themselves in very personal ways as the talking piece goes around.  A meaningful center piece is created as the circle keeper reminds participants of the circle guidelines.  The circle keeper talks about the impact of restorative circles on her peer community and on her as an individual.

“To me being in a circle is a time when … spend time with my classmates and get to know them better.”

“I think that having teachers in circles is impactful because we can connect, … on a personal level and build meaningful relationships.”

“I’ve gained a lot more friends that way and I’ve also gained a new found confidence in myself because I used to be a shy person but now I’m a little more outgoing.”


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