Student Facilitated Restorative Circle to Address Lateness

RP Video Library: This video shows a peer facilitated restorative circle to problem solve around lateness in school. The Circle is implemented with fidelity, according to the key restorative circle components found at our introduction to circles.

Restorative Justice Circle from YWCA Madison on Vimeo.


Focus: Problem Solving Circle on “Struggling with Being on Time”
Time: 9:17 min
Who & Where:  YMCA, Madison, WI, (with students and staff from Sennett Middle School and LaFollette High School)
Grade level: Middle and High School



The student circle keepers facilitate a problem solving circle around “struggling with being on time” or “tardiness.”  The student circle keepers set the stage for the problem solving circle and invite participant voices into the room by asking a series of questions and sending the talking piece around to elicit different perspectives and stories.  

The stages and components of the circle are clearly defined into the following:  Welcome and Introductions; Statement of Purpose; Explanation of the Talking Piece; Values and Guidelines; the Opening Ceremony; Relationship Building/Storytelling Rounds; and Exploring Issues Rounds.  The talking piece is suspended for Generating Plans and Creating an Agreement.  It is reintroduced for the Closing Ceremony.  


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