A School's Transformation Using Restorative Practices

RP Video Library:  In this video, administration, staff and students talk about the school’s transition from punitive practices to restorative practices and how the shift in mindset and practice impacted relationships at the school and school culture overall. 



  • Focus: Restorative Mindset, Restorative Practices (RP) & Student Centered Learning
  • Time: 11:30 min
  • Who & Where: The Curley School, K-8, Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA
  • Grade Level: K-8



Administration, staff and students talk about a culture shift to restorative practices at the Curley School.  People talk about what the punitive approach was like before, and how restorative practices were received by different people in the building. 

The video touches on a major incident that happened at the school and how it was used as a learning opportunity and a way to model the school’s shift to restorative practices.

“Teachers have been looking for ways to connect academics to using circles and so we’ve really trying to be creative with ways of incorporating circles into our daily classroom routine so it’s not just when harm has been done. It’s about coming together as classroom community.” 

“Restorative practices … moves a classroom from being a teacher centered place to a student centered place.  It requires that teachers … step out of that traditional 'I’m the boss and you can take what I say' to more of a sharing environment.  So I don’t think there’s a distinction between Restorative Practices and academics, they go hand in hand, you’re always communicating you’re always listening to what’s being said.” 

“The focus is on teaching and learning where it needs to be.”


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