Restorative Welcome and Reentry Circle

RP Video Library:  This video shows a powerful Welcome and Reentry Circle that welcomes a student back to school after an absence.  The circle is implemented with fidelity, according to the key restorative circle components found at our Introduction to Circles.



Focus: Restorative Circle to Welcome a Student Back to the School Community After an Absence
Time: 13:59 min
Who & Where: Bunche High School, Oakland
Grade Level: High School



In this powerful video we see the different stages of a Re-Entry Circle unfold (Setting the Stage, Introductions and Relationship-Building Rounds, Values Round, and Developing the Plan), facilitated by the school’s Restorative Practices Coordinator (RPC).

Using the Restorative Circle process, the community welcomes the student (and his family) back to the school after an absence.  The community provides supports and encouragement and they create a plan together that involves the student, his family and the wider school community taking responsibility together for the re-entry process.

Both the student and the Restorative Practices Coordinator reflect on the Restorative Circle process and its the impact throughout the video.


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