Restorative Pre-Conference to Prep Participants

This video discusses and shows the steps of a Restorative Pre-Conference (separately) with participants on different sides of an incident in which harm was done.  The pre-conference aims to get participants comfortable and familiar (enough) with the conference to be willing and able to participate effectively when the parties are brought together to repair the harm and make things right.  In this particular pre-conference the student who inflicted harm and his parents come together with the conference facilitators.


Focus: Pre Conference to Prep Conference
Time: 12:00 min
Who & Where: National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego 
Grade Level: High School



The facilitators introduce themselves and the conference process before talking the student through the incident in which harm was inflicted.  They ask the student what happened, what he was thinking and feeling at the time, how he thinks the other student was impacted, and how he thinks that student might have felt. The facilitators acknowledge that this is a difficult process, which is why talking things through and making things clear ahead of time is important.  They also emphasize how the conference process is about supporting the student as he takes responsibility and makes amends.  The actual conference in which the student in question is brought together with the student who was harmed can be found at Restorative Conference to Repair Harm (insert hyperlink of the Restorative Conference to Repair Harm below). 

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