Peer Mediation: Building Empathy and Resolving Conflicts

In this video staff and students talk about, and then show, how the school Justice Committee, practices mediation as part of an alternative approach to school discipline to resolve conflict and address issues.


Focus:  A school Justice Committee practices mediation
Time: 4:30 min
Who & Where: Pittsfield Middle High School
Grade Level: Middle & High School

Description:  The video shows the Justice Committee at Pittsfield Middle High School—a group of students trained in conflict resolution skills to be able to address conflict at the school in a restorative way. Instead of getting suspensions or detentions, students at the school can turn to the Justice Committee, which offers them an alternative way to resolve conflicts, with each other or a teacher.  The video shows students new to the committee, being trained as mediators, as they role play a mediation and reflect on the various steps of that mediation in detail.