Parents and Restorative Practices 

This video looks at taking the implementation of Restorative Practices in Chicago Public Schools to “the next level, the community level, to the parent level to expand best practices that we’re seeing taking place in our school so that we truly have a restorative community wrapped around our students.”   

Focus: Parent Involvement in Restorative Practices
Time: 3:12 min
Who & Where: Chicago Public Schools
Grade Level: K-12 


Parents talk about their involvement in Parent Peace Centers and the impact Restorative Practices have on the community.  “The parent peace room model recognizes that parents and community members are essential partners in improving the climate in our schools.” As one of the parents and co-founders shares “It’s important for this to be a community practice because we’re all in this together and once we get back to the model of all of us being together, I think our communities will become alive in the end.” 


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