Kansas City School Using Restorative Discipline 

Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Mark Bedell is approaching discipline reform with a three-part plan focused on restorative practices, meditation and mentorship.

Focus: Restorative Discipline, Restorative Circles, Racial Equity Issues in School
Time: 4:38 min
Who & Where: Kansas City Public Schools 
Grade Level: K-12 


Staff and students at Kansas City Public Schools talk about the shift to Restorative Discipline and Practices in their schools.  They discuss the difference in approach and the impact it has on student behavior.  The clip starts by explaining that suspensions aren’t affective and that they impact black boys disproportionately.  According to the Superintendent Mark Bedell: “It just further reinforces the fact that they’re out on the streets again … and we’re not being a value add as an education system.”  The focus in Restorative Discipline is on relationships and skill building.  Students and staff listen to each other. Through conflict resolution circles, staff belief suspensions have been avoided. “If our goal is for students to be successful in life, then we have to take the time to teach them …  skills.”  “Even if they did something, they got in trouble, we want them to learn why it’s not okay, and to change their behavior, not just get a consequence and do the same thing [again].”