Helping High Schoolers Manage Emotions

This video shows a high school that provides Safe Spaces for students to remove themselves from challenging situations, de-escalate their feelings, make different choices about how to move forward and transition back to class.

Focus: De-escalation of feelings 
Time: 3:39 min
Who & Where: Pearl-Cohn Entertainment High School, Nashville, TN
Grade Level: High School



Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School has a variety of spaces students can use to physically remove themselves from a negative situation. These de-escalation zones allow students to calm down and try to understand and assess their feelings, either on their own or with adult guidance. “We really try to teach our kids how to be resilient, how to utilize resources, and take care of themselves.”  Counselors also work on real time conflict resolution to help students defuse tensions, as they explicitly teach communication skills, empowering students to find solutions.  “We can’t expect people to just get along, we have to show them what getting along looks like”