Class Meetings: A Caring School Community 

In this video staff and students talk about the impact of class meetings on them and on the school community.  They talk about what happens in class meetings. 

Focus:  The Impact of Restorative Class Meetings in Elementary school 
Time: 4:10 min
Grade Level: Elementary School

Description:  In this video, students of different ages talk about what happens in class meetings in their school. Third grader: “We share what’s in our mind, our hearts and our soul and then … we just let out everything that happens.  Like if … there’s bullying.  It’s caring for each other”  Fifth grader: “I think it’s important to get your feelings out and it helps with social skills, being able to speak your mind and being true to yourself because not a lot of kids have that opportunity and are able to do that.”  The video discusses and shows the empathy that is built through class meetings and the impact it has in the school.  And as the kindergarten teacher shares: “It has made me more aware and empathetic of the emotional tone of my classroom.  It has made me really value the fact that when the children are safe and able to express themselves and feel good, just how happy the classroom feels.  Good interactions take place, beautiful things that children teach each other and make a new friend even.”