An Alternative to In-School Suspension

This video showcases a school that is implementing Restorative Discipline to address student behavior and resolve conflicts collaboratively, using restorative circles in a collaborative space they call “the zone.”

Focus: Restorative Discipline, Restorative Circles & SEL
Time: 3:44 min
Who & Where: Pearl-Cohn Entertainment High School, Nashville, TN
Grade Level: High School



At the start of the video, the staff at Pearl Cohn explain why they have chosen restorative discipline over punitive discipline at their school.  The school uses Restorative Circles, in lieu of suspension in a collaborative space they call “the zone.” The zone is where students meet in Circles first thing in the morning, to discuss behaviors and problem solve issues collaboratively. Students are able to talk about what happened, share their perspective, and explore the impact of their actions.  Students are subsequently invited to reflect on their behavior, their needs, and the roles they play in conflict.  They are encouraged to look at the root of the challenging behavior or issue, own up, and move to correct it.