social media

Students read about and discuss positive and negative impacts of social media, and reflect on their own experiences through pair shares and group discussion.

Students engage in a series of activities to explore the question of body image and how our society affects the way we feel about our bodies.

Students process some of the current research on cell phone use, interview a family member to share their learning, and perhaps co-create a class plan to reduce phone distractions. 

There's a hidden cost to our free accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms: our privacy. In this lesson, students learn about and discuss how corporations make a profit from our data, potential policy solutions, and how young people are making their own decisions...

Does social media promote positive democratic debate, sow hatred, or both? Students explore whether social media has contributed to echo chambers, and hate speech — and consider options for improving public discussion on social media.

Is social media strengthening our communities, or is it actually harming our ability to connect in person? Students  discuss two readings about the pros and cons of social media engagement, including some research on this question.