A New Book on Teaching for Climate Justice - by Tom Roderick!

Morningside's founding executive director guides educators on using SEL and equity strategies to teach for climate justice. His new book comes out on June 27.

Teach for Climate Justice Cover

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The lives of all young people now in our schools will be shaped by the climate crisis. How can we give them the tools they will need to thrive in the challenging years ahead – and become active participants in shaping the world they are growing into?

Morningside Center's founding executive director, Tom Roderick, knew that social and emotional learning and an equity focus are key to our well-being in an era of climate crisis. So, drawing on his decades as a leader in the field of SEL and on the stories of inventive educators who are already showing the way, Tom wrote a book!

Teach for Climate Justice: A Vision for Transforming Education comes out on June 27.

  • Author and educator Pedro Noguera calls it “An invaluable new book on the most important issue of our time—climate justice.”
  • AFT president Randi Weingarten says it is “Full of practical advice on how to teach students about the urgency of our climate crisis and what they can do to address it.”
  • Rethinking School's Bill Bigelow calls it "a festival of wisdom, imagination—and hope.” 

We'll be sharing more with you about Teach for Climate Justice after it is published in June. Meanwhile, spread the word — and pre-order!