Students learn about "demographics" and exit polls, examine exit polls from the 2012 election, and create their own school poll. 

Students discuss the history of voting rights and the current push to restrict voting, including the arguments for and against.

Get your students talking (or writing) about the presidential debate with these questions.

Students come up with a working definition for democracy, then watch and discuss an animated short on the Citizens United Case. Homework prepares students for a liberal vs. conservative discussion over whether the ruling puts our democracy at risk.

Students understand the caucus election process by experiencing it firsthand in their classroom - and learn more about 2012 Republican presidential candidates along the way.

A short reading and questions to discuss and debate.

Readings and activities to help high school students better understand the growing gap between rich and poor and consider the issue in light of this year's presidential election.

Presidential Election 2004 Series

Presidential Election 2004 Series

Activity and reading on soft money and hardball politics.